Pizza with a spoon

We start with the dough, put the yeast and sugar in the warm water cup and leave it for a minute until it starts to ferment. Add the salt and yeast of the pastries and mix well. Add the yeast and mix well. If necessary, add half the remaining water cup. The dough should be well moistened. Put the dough in a plastic box filled with oil and leave it for 45 minutes to ferment in a warm place, open the box and knead the dough until the effects of fermentation and then let it ferment again for a light paste and distinctive while waiting for fermentation prepare the sauce.

Peel the tomatoes and add them with pepper. Add garlic, thyme, oil, salt and black pepper and leave in a closed bowl. After you cook and dry a little add the concentrated tomatoes and let it cook for a quarter of an hour. When you cook the tomatoes, turn off the fire and add the pinch and a little remaining pepper.

Preparation of the tender meat: Cut the onions and metal, add salt and black pepper and a little head of the shop and add the meat and mix well and then add a small egg and complete the mixing until the cohesion of the mixture. Be small pellets (in this case 2 pinch pizza = 16 meat pellets). We will be 16 small grains and stir them well on low heat and let them cool.

After fermenting the dough for the second time, remove it from the box and place it on a roof covered with the dough and knead it a little by hand and we will be two medium tablets and cover them and let them ferment. Heat the oven and wait for the dough to ferment.

We open the pinch halal somewhat thin and put it in the oven tile and open the notes with the knife as described and put eight pellets of meat under the meat do not forget to put some sauce and cheese grated so that the footnotes are not dry and we close the notes white egg and then pressed with a fork

Add the sauce to the center of the dough, add the soft and grated cheese and then add the notes to the eggs to turn brown.


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